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Are you looking for a proven, authentic professional who can improve internal communication and increase employee engagement? Are you seeking an expert who can move your teams from fear and disconnectedness to a culture which promotes business success?

Whether your business is in its infancy or has a solid, 100-year reputation, people are at the heart of what you do, and sometimes, they experience people problems. Victoria identifies and understands performance gaps, carefully analyzes needs and creates customized programs for your teams. She delivers intentional, meaningful experiences and tools you can implement immediately, and provides necessary follow up to ensure you stay on track.

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Available Topics

Why Do They Do That? Understanding Human Behavior Using DISC Methodology
  • Understand your DISC style and recognize the different styles in others
  • Develop a keen awareness of individual strengths and development opportunities
  • Communicate effectively with others to foster productivity and reduce tension
From Pound Signs to Hashtags: Generational Communication and Influence
  • Identify the primary generations in today’s workforce and the characteristics that each generation identifies with
  • Understand the influencers that impact all generations
  • Recognize generational behaviors and sources of conflict
  • Learn how to motivate intergenerational teams for maximum results
The Culture Concept: One Size Does Not Fit All
  • Define what culture really is
  • Explore foundational themes to ensure your culture drives performance
  • Execute a strategy to ensure the best culture for your organization

Victoria offers additional topics such as leadership, networking, professionalism, hiring, training and partnerships. Please contact us at 720.900.4393 if you’d like a custom keynote, breakout or training for your group or organization.

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For over 20 years Victoria Gaulrapp has helped corporations break down communication barriers and build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients. And she knows when teams are more engaged they are more productive – and decidedly committed – to DRIVE your vision forward. Victoria is a keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator who is passionate about improving individual and team communication, building stronger working relationships and helping leaders emerge.


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